Sunday, September 02, 2012

A New Season.

It is so cool to see and hear the Lord speak. A common "language" He uses with me is deals with the concept of "seasons". I love how the seasons are a source of consistent change, the perfect braiding of old and new, and great, and arguably the best example, of balance. 

With that said there have been a lot of change in my life within the last month. Three major branches of my life have had a shift, or a color change, if we are going to keep the seasons analogy. At work I rolled off of my first film onto a new movie, where I get a whole new team of people to work with. In my personal life I finally had a conversation the Lord has been telling me to have for nearly two years now. The peace and understanding that came with that humility is astounding. And finally at church, and the reason for this blog post, I got confirmation about looking for a local LA based Church.I am sad to be leaving Rock Harbor, my home of 4 years, but I am excited to see where the Lord is going to take me in this new season. Long story made slightly shorter, I feel the need, call, pressing, desire, or what ever verb/term you feel comfortable using, to be more involved in the city that I live in and work in. So over the next few weeks I will be on the hunt for a new church out here in LA. This first week I went to Ecclesia. I really really loved it! Ill probably go here for the next Month or so because next week they are starting a three week series on their core values. What a great way to start out my hunt.
Below are my notes and a drawing from this mornings message.

This drawing is of a star (you might remember that I like drawing stars in the form of people example Aexample B). I drew this in response to a really great point the pastor made at this morning, I would go as far and call it a profound distinction. He said something along the lines of this, "That our lives and ministry are not dependant on our resilience, but our alliance. We do not need to ask the Lord to be with us, but to go where He is." I loved this so much because our eyes need to be on Christ. When I focus too much on what I AM doing I completely forget Who I am doing it for. I wasn't exactly sure on how to illustrate that concept /distinction so I drew the North Star. When Christ was born the North Star appeared to lead people to Christ. To show people where He was. It is not the clearest way to communicate what the pastor said, but it sure was a lot of fun to draw! :) So look for the North Star in your life, and go where Christ is. You can never go wrong when you are with Christ.

Again I am so excited to experience all the new colors and fragrances this new season has to offer. If you pray, pray for me. :) Pray for humility, guidance, and boldness in following that "North Star".

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