Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Church Notes | Shine like Stars

This was from church like 3 weeks ago, I started coloring it and never finished it. This seems to be a trend with me as of late, and by "late" i meant over a year now. So I am sorry. I do have some good reasons this time around. I moved and got a new job. So I have been a busy bee. And my new job is really faraway. BUT I LOVE IT!!!

The top of the page are the lyrics to a worship song called "Shine" by Matt Redman. Here is the chorus I copied down,

We will shine like stars in the universe,
Holding out Your truth in the darkest place.
We´ll be living for Your glory,
Jesus we´ll be living for Your glory.
We will burn so bright with Your praise O God,
And declare Your light to this broken world.
We´ll be living for Your glory,
Jesus we´ll be living for Your glory.

I just got such a striking visual when singing this song. The study went on to teach about burning like stars for the Lord, with a stress on wisdom and community. We are to seek wisdom together and travel this life with each other. The pastor reminded us of Proverbs 27:6 "Faithful are the wounds of a friend: but the kisses of an enemy are deceitful." We need to be there for each other in both giving and receiving correction in LOVE! We can not isolate ourselves and hope to be effective. Think of a time where you saw one star burning in the sky alone, and how long it took you to find her, and how pale she seemed to be while alone against the darkness. Now think back to when you have seen a chorus of white flecks all dancing together in the sky pointing the glory on past even their heavens. Take a minuet to meditate on the difference. The lonely star had to fight just to be noticed, and to remain a dot. Now look toward the chorus of starts, not only do they fight back the darkness, they dance in spite of it. Together they strive in an environment that if alone they would struggle to just exists.

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