Monday, January 24, 2011

Church Notes | Joy

This service was on joy. The drawing here isn't the most joyous, in fact it is not very joyful at all. But it is an image the Lord gave me the week prior on New Years eve. It was of a person only offering only part of their heart up to the Lord and letting the rest of it fall to the spirits of this earth, demons. So I drew a woman only offering up a shard of her heart up to the lord and the rest of the pieces are in the teeth of the demons at her feet. She needs to collect her whole heart, broken and all, and give every piece back to the Lord so that He can heal it and make it whole in Him. Now some of these demons will latch onto the the pieces of you heart as you try and collect them. THEY WILL NOT WANT TO LET GO! But do not fear, that will only give them strength, all you need to do is whisper the name of out Lord and Saviour and they will recoil from the glory and power of mere name of Jesus Christ. If they manage to sneak back in an reclaim a shard of your heart all you need do is remind them of Christ. And to tie it all together is compromise stifles joy.


Alberto said...

Great symbolism! I admire how your are able to deliver a message with your talent! I would like to repost on my Facebook wall for others to appreciate.

Alberto said...
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