Thursday, July 08, 2010

On Compromise

Compromise is extremely tricky to deal with. Because most of the time it involves the abuse of a freedom. This is not the end of the world, we all make mistakes and grown. The “simple” and obvious key to this growth is humility (the quotes because it can be quite difficult to choose humility in this context). Being humble enough to let go of a freedom and repent is something that will be equally hard to do as it is necessary. It can be very dangerous if we are too proud to admit our weakness and relinquish our freedom. One drop of unrepentant compromise today will lead to a storm of problems in the future. The practical thing to remember is that the enemy has all eternity, or at least up until the end of the 66th book, to get us to give in. It doesn't matter to him if it takes 2 minuets or 10 years to get us to compromise. In fact it is probably in his best interest to let us to compromise a little at a time over the years, compromises that are easy to “cover up”. Allowing us time to build our kingdoms and develop our ministries. So that when he uses our compromises/pride against us to take us out, it not only effects us but the people that we love and are responsible for. We have to be persistent in our repentance! We cannot allow the enemy to take a freedom, something the Lord gave to us as a gift, and twist it into a tool to advance his kingdom! We have to choose humility!

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