Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Da Cold

Greeting all of you out there who do not live in Southern Cali. You may notice I get excited form time to time about getting to wear a scarf, jacket and/or gloves. You might turn your nose up at me because it only is 55° out here, and why would anyone need to bundle up so much for such a modestly cold night?! Well I hate to break it to ya, I don't have to I get to! It's very few and far between that I get to dress as the aforementioned. So please don't take that away from me. ;)

P.S. I just spent nearly a week in New York a few weeks ago, and the average temperature for the 5.5 days I was there was about 24°, one day it s 16° in the morning. I loved every second of it! :D


Breana said...

Glad I'm not the only one loves the cold. I'm a scarf fiend.

DVE said...

I always think about that when I watch Buffy and she's wearing like a stocking cap or scarf with her favorite slaying halter top. Clearly in CA winter clothes are a fashion choice, not a necessity. :)