Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Church Notes | Brooklyn Tabernacle

Church notes are back!
Here are my notes form when I was in NY a few weeks back.

I met my friends Melinda, Kristen and Natalie there. I also made a new one, Brigid, she too was an art major at CSUF thus making her awesome and cool. More than a few years back I watched a sermon from this church on the power of the Holy Spirit. I am very glad to say the Spirit is moving there quite powerfully, and it was an awesome and much needed experience for me. The worship was powerful, it was cool to have a more choir vibe to worship. The study was strong, it was on the Authority of the Home. How husbands and wives relate to each other and their roles, how the man needs to serve his wife as Christ served the Church, sacrificially. And how in the wives role submission speaks nothing of quality, but quite the opposite.


A. said...

I'm quite jealous of your having gone to Brooklyn Tab - got to experience their choir at a youth convention many years ago and have always wanted to experience the real thing in person... Glad it was such a good experience for you.

Maggie said...

Beautiful! I love that passage from Ephesians 5. Whew, mutual self-sacrifice ftw!

Glad to see the blog's back, Frak! (ooh, rhymes!)

Sugarspoon said...

I really appreciate your art, Frak! I love all of the Pottercasters, but you're probably my favorite because you are public with your religion, and your church notes are some of my favorite posts by you. I'm glad you brought them back! Keep up the great work on the blog!