Saturday, March 14, 2009

Good Bye Adoree Manor

A week ago I said goodbye to Adoree Manor. It treated me well! So long Ian, and old roomie from the past Ryan. We has some good times there with Lost Night, Meng Tuesdays, WoW TCGing, and other shenanigans. Here are a few pics I took a while ago. I am pretty sure they are before Ryan moved out.

One thing I wont miss is that obnoxious Reindeer down the street off of Burgess and Bridgewood. It is a horrible pre-Christmas decoration of a little wooden reindeer cutout with a countdown counting the days until Christmas. COME ON PEOPLE! IT'S ONLY MARCH! Now I love Christmas as much as the next guy (probably a little more than the average guy) and but this is ridiculous. Lets keep Christmas special by keeping it in context.

People who use the 91 get ready for some construction and traffic. Where ever I move the Freeway near me tends to go under some sort of construction and then lasts until I move away. When I was going to CSUF the 57 was und]er construction for 5 years! Then I move to La Mirada and need to take the 5 to and from work then guess what, the 5 is under construction. Now that I am out of there I am pretty sure the construction off of Beach and the 5 is all done. Hopefully this move will break the trend.


eowyngirl17 said...

You play Wow? Sweet.

Josh said...

We'll miss you being so close to us!!

ANA-ALiCiA said...

how about a pic from your NEW AWESOME apartment!