Monday, March 02, 2009

Doodleing Works!!!

Ha ha I knew it! Please read the linked article!! Thank you Shane!

(I did not draw this, this image is from the linked article.)
Doodling Increases Focus and Recall

It turns out that your daydreaming doodles of infinite awesomeness not only help with long meetings, but can also help you remember what goes on during the meeting.

In a study, scientists asked subjects to recall what they'd just heard in recordings—with some having doodled throughout, others not. The doodlers demonstrated significantly higher recall than the non-doodlers.


Anonymous said...

Dig the drawing dude. Reminds me of the Incubus "Drive" music video.

hallo said...

All of my notes from high school through grad school are COVERED in doodles! I'm confident in drawing a direct correlation between the classes I did the best in and the classes with the most doodles in the margins.

I remember a series from my Complex Analysis class I titled "People in Chairs." Good stuff on lined paper.

Michelle said...

That's so crazy! I read a similar article in UF's paper a few weeks back and I meant to comment on your blog with the link, but I completely forgot.

I also doodle in all my classes and church services. A kid who sits next to me in one of my English classes actually gave me some great ink pens cause he likes watching me!

And just as he enjoys watching me doodle in my dreadful mediocrity, I enjoy yours too. :0)