Sunday, January 25, 2009

The First Telephone Pictionary Game of 2009!

It's been a while my mistress of Telephone Pictionary...
... oh how I have missed thee.

Well we had a riveting round of Telephone Pictionary at Phil's with his roomie Jimmy, myself, the aforementioned Phil, Fro, Chris, and Sarah. First we played my way, the simple way. 2 words only one adjective and one noun. Then we played it Jimmy's way where you write what ever you darn well please. And I gotta say that Jimmy's way was much more fun.

Thanks Jimmy!

Round one!
This one was started by me:


Jimmy's drawing.

Phil's explanation.

Fro's rendering.

Chris did not want to go there so he derailed my clever little story.

Sarahs loverly drawling.

Round two!
This one here was started by Fro:


Chris's rendering.

Sarah's interpretation or Chris's rendering.

My best adaptation that I could do in 2 min's.

Jimmy's horrible sentence. I don't even wanna know what "man traveling" is.

And Phil's awesome little drawing of me on a broom wit Win the pixie on my shoulder.
Little did Phil realize in the during 10 minuet game he went from being Phil, to Will, to Win the Asian dude, to Win the little pixie-dude.


Addie Caliendo said...

yessss!! lol gahh i miss this game!

Anonymous said...

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