Friday, September 12, 2008


Hey everybody, sorry I have been MIA. Its been a busy few weeks. Subbing full time, and getting ready my trip. Oh what trip you ask? I am going to England and Scotland! AHHH!! I'll be gone from September 12 through the 22nd.

Here are some Church Notes form about 2 weeks ago. We had a guest teacher who was very inspiring.

It was going to be a heart turning into a tree, but then it turned into a skull. :P


89ravenclaw said...

have fun in the UK. I'm hoping to go there with my family in January, but they'll probably opt for something warmer.

FredWeasley'sGurl said...

Very good lesson, it sounds like the guest teacher was very interesting.

Sarah Lupin said...

I'm envious. I want to go to England quite badly. I hope you all are having a fantastic trip.

I always love seeing your church notes, too. So I was happy to see some in this update.

Ian Jacobson said...

this is funny

Catherine J. Cruz said...

awesome notes! i've been doin' the same lately for church. :)

cool to hear 'bout your harry potter ventures --(was in cliff's class when you visited this monday)!