Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I'm Back!

I am back from the UK. It was awesome.

London is wonderful, but Scotland is like no other place.
I want to live there, and I mean that :)

But now it is back to life and back to reality. Ill try and post more, but subbing full time as the "real" teachers takes much more effort :P


Ian Jacobson said...

welcome back dr franko! i bet Scotland was beautiful, did you see lots of castles and stuff?

Colin said...

Did you try the haggis?


_Shane said...

Welcome back!!!

Ryan said...

Welcome back, ye haggis eatin' bastard!

Andrea said...

Welcome back! We missed you.

frak said...

Scotland was wonderful and I did see a lot of stuff, and 2 castles. One of which was a ruin!! And I go to climb all over it!

I did try the haggis, but only one bite, b/c i had eaten chinese food earlier that day and got sick off of it.

I am not a bastard, and you can NEVER TAKE ME FREEDOM!!!!

Miss ya too ;)

Kasey said...

Hi! It's the girl from the hostel in Fort William. I just want to say that it was great to meet you, thank you for gracing the pages of my journal with your pen, and keep on creating beautiful things!

Much love,

P.S. The drawing on this post is breathtaking!