Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Post-Tourdum Decompression

When you are gone on a trip for a solid month of go go go and constant new stimulus everyday it can be hard wind back down into the everyday "toil" of regular life. Tour was that go go go for me, and it was a blast. But I am glad to be home. I was gone for a solid month! Thats never happened before! The month was one week of Royal Family Kids Camp (which needs a blog of its own), and then three weeks of touring and convention craziness, with a dash of comic con in the middle. Oh man did I have a wonderful time! Seeing new places, meeting TONS of people. Most of which were nice, and if you read my blog and I met you I can say YOU were oh so nice. Having had never seen the East Coast I was in wide-eyed astonishment of almost every detail, which amused my fellow travelers. Speaking of my fellow travelers, that is just the segway I needed to introduce my fellow travelers. They happened to be my favorite part about the trip. I had such a wonderful time with everyone! "Everyone" being my fellow PodCasters; John, Melissa, and Sue. Some cool merch girls; Bre and Sam. Some cool cats who know ancient ruins (aka my new fun way of saying web coding) Nick and Alex, along with a whole suite full of Leaky staffers. And probably the coolest kids of all, b/c they can make instruments make beautiful sounds, the bands; The Remus Lupins, The Womping Willows, and The Mudbloods. This was my first time hanging out with these kids for more than a few hours, and I gotta say that I am glad that I was able to. They are pretty cool :) and kinda talented ;). And all the silly jokes made a memorable tour into an unforgettable tour. Below are some inside jokes, doodles and pictures. ENJOY!

money money money

Everyone has days,
Everyone makes steaks

Lets go to the DUNKS and get and iced COFFEE

Chunky BELT
Is this too funky? NO YES NO!!

Killing time in the park before our flight to Boston.

A burrito and a noodle napping in a park.

Sitting on the rivers edge listing to a werewolf and a mudblood sing. (a better doodle to come. I liked it so much it deserves its own posting).

I did this during the Detroit show listing to a tree sing.

The Harry and the Potters finish their tour.

Know whats a dementors kiss feels like? Ask Danny.

Doodles durring the LeakyCon pannel! WOO GO LEAKYCON!

A moon priestess, Nina told me about them.

And now some pictures!

The Quartet in a tree in San Diego after Comic Con.

On the plane!

The future home of LeakyCon!

Flowers on the street corners of New York! So cool!

Books and music! Woo!

Is that merch!?

Best show ever!

Ba da bah!

Dinner after the show.

We had to leave the Great Pumpkin in Chicago. :(

Wrock Chicago!

The live PotterCast at Terminus.

And now some random Chicago pics.

The view from the Leaky Suite.

Hey everybody it's Danny D!

The Bean!

Lunch time.

The gang is together for one last picture before we all had to go home.


_Shane said...

Looks like a lot of fun Frankie! I'm glad you had such a great opportunity like this!!

89ravenclaw said...

i'm almost in the terminus podcast shot (a little more to the left).

i heard you guys had a huge room, but some reason that didn't make me think amazing view.

glad you had a good time

KimmyBlair said...

I heat the "Chunky Belt" picture

KimmyBlair said...

Heart not heat... I'm special

Geekboy said...

Great doodles Frak! Good photo's as well, Wish I could have been there. And the plane pic, I feel sorry for Sue, center seat sucks. Prolly isnt as bad if you are close (figuratively) to the others though...

Samantha said...



It's all so amazing!! I miss tourrrrrrr.

Kevin said...

I was at one tour stop and your getting my insides all in a knot. Really can we give up our daily lives and follow you guys touring everyday? Every state. Even Alaska.

Thanks for calling me 'oh, so nice' Frak seeing as a met you and you gave me the COOLEST pins ever. And an awesome shirt, in New York.

Allison said...

Lucky you! It looks like you had a lot of fun. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself. Thanks for posting all the drawings as well, I like to see your work.