Saturday, August 02, 2008

Church Notes | May My Heart be Reflected on my Face

Some old church notes from like a month and a half ago... sorry guys. Traveling dose not make blogging easy. But as I tell my friends, some problems are worth having :)

I had other church notes scanned, but a few weeks ago I "decided" to delete my entire sketch book folder on my laptop. I lost about two months worth of scans and such. Most of them are in my actual sketchbooks, but many that were colored and cleaned up are gone forever. I used a program to recover the data, it pulled up like 16 gigs of nonsense. Hopefully I can fish something of substance out of it.


Katie said...

Hey Frak, Really hope you're able to retrieve your work! I love your artwork!! Its a great gift that God has given you and its fun to see what you're doing with that the HP world and in your bible studies and personal life. Your heart is definitely refected on your face and in your drawings.

You put up some of your sketch book drawings in your May posts that were awesome - the ones about nuturing your passion with time and discipline. They really spoke to me and I've been referring back to them whenever I feel like I'm in a creative rut. Thanks for sharing this part of your life with everyone.
And you definitely complete the Pottercast team! You're all so funny together! Katie

hermione1012 said...

I would type out a long comment but it all ends up to be what Katie said.
Love always,