Saturday, March 29, 2008

Life Group with Lilly Evans

Last week in Bible Study we went over the different ways different people worship and communicate with God. This discussion coupled with my just starting to listen to Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince again influence me to draw Lilly Evans. Here she is pictured using different ingredients to brew a balanced spirit-filled walk. :)

I imagine the Recipe going something like this.

Step One: Start with a rich base of Sacrifice and liberal portions of Acknowledgment.

Step Two:
Add three parts Love.

Step Three:
Sprinkle in generous portion of purified, but not distilled, Passion.

Step Four:
When color shifts from crimson to clear stir in even amounts of Discipline in increasing increments until the mixture reaches a golden-pearl hue.

Step Five:
Sip the potion, when bitterness sets in add three to seven drops of Hope until sweet.

Step Six:
Gather something of yourself. For example: talent, love, understanding, time, sweat, tears, blood etc. Add as much of yourself as you are willing into the potion .

Step Seven:
Add Grace as needed* and let simmer over a healthy flame of Trials and Knowledge. Simmer the potion at a gentle boil until your reflection becomes cloudy and you can no longer see yourself on the surface, the length of this process with vary from draft to draft.

*Do not abuse the use of Grace, or it could render the potion ineffective and apathetic.

Result: The Potion should take on its own unique Taste, Color, and Smell. Every persons individual draft matures and ages in a way that is unique to the brewer.
The only common side effect should be an aroma of Joy smooth texture of Peace.

The OG Sketch.


Andrea said...

Love it! Great recipe and illustration.

Anonymous said...

Ha thats pretty creative. Yeah now I'm stalking you on this website too.