Monday, June 04, 2007

Wizard Rock ROCKS!!!

On Saturday I went down to the Anaheim City Library to see some fellow Harry Potter Nerds perform some music.
I had a lot of fun! I couldn’t stay for too long, but what I saw I really enjoyed. Especially the song performed by "Sue and the Hufflepuffs" and Bobby from "The DA". But to my utter dismay I had to take off before “Alex and the Remus Lupin’s” went on. My apologies Alex... I know I missed the highlight of the show. But I will be seeing you on the road this summer sometime I am sure of it.


Brandon Starr said...

WOW Frankie! You're a bigger nerd than I even imagined! Did they play any of the songs from the dance in goblet of fire?

frak said...

ha ha ha!
Yeah I am a big geek! This is my nerd summer! Im going all out for the last Harry Potter book.

Kenfield said...

I can't wait! Great drawing BTW!
- Josh