Friday, June 08, 2007


Around 1:00pm today I got on my bike to ride to a local Starbucks for iced tea and to work on some illustrations. I needed to get out of the house, living by yourself and working freelance can get to you after a while. Any who while on route to Starbucks I decided to take the long way through BIOLA. It was a beautiful day and I wanted to enjoy it! I rode through BIOLA, looked at some buildings I had never seen, cut through some parking lots, then decide it was time to go. So I headed to the back of the campus. There is a walk way/running path/horse trail I decide to take. But little did I know that a small hill and a sharp turn would be my down fall. And the sad thing is that I wasn't even going that fast. My brain told my feet to slow down, because we didn't want fall, but the lack of motion is what made me fall bike-and-foot first into a river of dirty sewage water. There was slime on my handle bars, the seat was wet, and best of all my right foot was submerged in it rainbow sandals and all. I was upset and even considered going home and just driving to Starbucks. But I didn't want to so I sat down to let my foot and bike dry off. And what could have been the worst part of my day quickly became a welcome blessing. I took this extra time to lay down and read my Bible, pray for a while, and admire the beautiful day God gave to us.

All this to say that some interruptions end up being blessings.

(I did go to Starbucks and get my passion unsweetened iced Tea. And I did draw, just not what I had planned to.I drew and inked this comic there, and then I came home. It was a good day all together, except for the sewage water on my foot... but hey maybe it was radioactive and ill wake up with a superpower! That would be cool!!)


jon schneck said...

your feet will have spidey sense, you just can never wear shoes again... with great power comes less walkabilty? boo...


Felix Lim said...

beautiful little comic dude!
can totally relate to the simple beauty of living life depicted here. Love it.