Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentines Day!!

To all my blog readers, you guys are my Valentine! Because I am the looser who dosen't have a girl to share this day with! :D


frak said...
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Hethe Srodawa said...

Whatever. Girls don't make you a winner. Just happier or sadder depending on the circumstances.

Thanks for the kind words on my blog bro. I remember meeting you twice actually. Hope you are doing well. Isn't Ryan getting married somewhere down the road? I heard he got engaged. Congratulate him for me. His girlfriend seemed super cool and just right for him when I met her at the Con.

The work environment is inspiring at R*. I really dig it here. It's all what you make it though because some people don't enjoy it as much as I do (but most do). Well, keep at it man. I see pro potential in your work.