Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Oh I know! I know!!

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I know what is different about my life. And why I have been feeling the way I do. Well I know i needed to finish high school and new greater things were before me. College was awesome because I was studying my ambition (you can't get anymore self-serving than that :D ), and while at church I was serving and knew it was where the Lord wanted me.
This is the first time in my life that I have been doing something out of pure obligation. It isn't hampered with cause or purpose, I do it because I am there and I must. I have to admit I am not used to it. And I expect I need to grow used to it. I don't mean to complain, I am truly blessed and there are worse things out there. Its just that I had, well I suppose it had my self a little epiphany.


Kenfield said...

I hope I'm not missing something completely obvious, but what is it that you feel obligated to do?


frak said...

It's something to do with 40 hours and a desk.

Kenfield said...

Duh! I wish I was more bright.

What you wrote about is very insightful and it's something I'm currently dealing with.
Thank you for sharing this. Katie and I will keep you in our prayers as God guides you through this period of your Journey.


Brandon Starr said...

I hear you loud and clear Frankie. It's something almost everyone deals with, especially people who majored in art. Obviously someone who studies to be a pharmacist isn't going to graduate and be disapointed that the first job they got was in a pharmacy. But for an illustrator we all have the types of jobs in our minds that we'd like to do, but the truth is there is a wide range of jobs that we get stuck with. My current job is making t-shirt designs, but my real job is to work on my portfolio and be persistant in trying to get the job that I want and that will provide for my family. Until that happens, I've noted that God tends to use us wherever we are (I'm not the first to come to this conclusion). But surprisingly, and without me knowing it, I've had a positive influence on the people I work with.