Sunday, April 14, 2013

Meet The Knight Owl

Last week I devoted way too much to designing this little guy, but it was a of of fun and a nice break. 

Why take so much time to draw an owl themed knight? I will tell you why. Yachtclub Games putting out a game later this year called Shovel Knight, and part of their Kick Starter campaign was an art contest. The winner got the $500-tier rewards and the possibility of the character making it into the game. Sadly I did not win, but I did get an honorable mention, and some pretty cool complements (check out the comment they left on the picture). But the best news is that they haven't picked the character that they are going to add into the game, so there is still hope!! Tweet at them to add @frakfraco's Knight Owl to the game!! Here is their twitter handle @YachtClubGames.


Below is the presentation I emailed them. ENJOY!

Meet The Knight Owl! Don't let his size fool you, this little guy is a force to be reckoned with. Being the former inventor for the Enchantress herself he's got some tricks up his sleeves. His armor is covered in feather-like blades that he can throw at his enemies, a creation of his own design. This inventor gone rouge is on the lamb and is hiding out in the forest. If you by chance cross his path be careful, he is only out for himself. 

• Pros: He is as fierce as he is inquisitive, and his whit is as sharp as his armor; the perfect party guest.
• Cons: He is very nosey and is quite the gossip.

He likes to jump. 

He is short.

He is fashionable. 
This cloak helps him remain unnoticed, he is on the lamb after all. 
And he would LOVE to be in your game!!

This is how I Imagine The Knight Owl and Shovel Knight's first encounter going.
And yes he did invent that bridge.

Lastly here are some sketches of The Knight Owls development :)
Just for fun.

WHOO should you add to Shovel Knight?
The Knight Owl that's whoo!!

Please keep up the good work! And lets all be friends!

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