Thursday, November 08, 2012

This One Time in the Commissary...

The other week I was walking with my buddy Shane to get some coffee in the commissary at work when I noticed a woman doing something that really just mesmerized me. I walked up on her filling a Cholula bottle with ANOTHER bottle of Cholula. 

I know that this sounds so odd and boring, but if you could see how each drop of this hot sauce blossomed out that Cholula bottle free as a drop of rain on windy day, only to be dragged back down into the prison that it had just a mere second before escaped from.

Yes I realize I am being overly dramatic, but I don't care. I though it was a funny story and I wanted to draw it so I did. 

I have been working on some boards over the last couple of months, this was a needed, and CONSTRUCTIVE break from that. :) I am still green so be nice. 

These are my roughs, look for the "cleaned" up ones soon.

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lightyear8 said...

Love it.