Sunday, February 26, 2012

Church Notes | Joy in Hope

This is a drawing of my new friend Heather, she is pretty cool. The specifics of the drawing belong to her, but the over-arching theme of the drawing and sermon is one of hope, and the joy we find in it. "Find" being the operative word here.

Too often we mistake times of silence and stillness for seasons of darkness. That isn't always the case, maybe even never the case. I would even argue that in most cases the stillness only becomes "dark" when we neglect to seek out God and remind ourselves of his promises. If we took the time to remind ourselves of who He is and His promises the darkness wont come. Darkness, what ever it's form, is always held at bay with light.


Audrey Benjaminsen said...

This is lovely. I love how you approached the patterning. You are right about people mistaking solitude and such for darkness. You can find light in everything if you choose to.

Jacqueline said...

This is so insightful; I think I really need to implement this as I often find myself in such times. Without seeking Him it can be so easy for me to slip into what seems like very dark times and forget His word. Thanks for the reminder :)

Kelly O. said...

So beautiful.

As a side note, I ordered one of your sketchbooks a while back, and never got it. I've tried e-mailing you, but I never got a reply. Is there a way we can figure this out?