Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Church Notes | Out of the Ashes

Some Church Notes to both encourage and rebuke! But in love!!!

For far too long people who call themselves Christians have been doing hateful and fear-fueled things. Francis Chan taught at my Church this past Sunday, it could not have been anymore timely. His teaching really confirmed something that the Lord has been trying to show me. Christians need to restore honor to The Church. A generation or two ago Churches were respected, even if they were not agreed with. We need to love the world again, and not hide from it.

The Church needs to rise the from the ashes of the idiots, morons, and selfish men and women who are Christians in name only. We will need to distinguish ourselves, and the ONLY was we can do that is through love!
Sacrificial love.
Intelligent love.
Funny love.
Gentle love.
Bold love and so forth.

If you aren't a Christian, hold your friends who clams to be Christians to this standard, and challenge them if you see them do something that is not centered and rooted in love. Oh and let us love you as Christ dose :)

If you are a Christian, how do we start this process? Look at your own hearts and ask the Lord to show you areas of pride and fear. Then ask Him to show you and how to replace those areas with trust, humility, and love. It won't be easy, but when has anything that's been easy been memorable or powerful?

Oh and the drawing is supposed to represent coming out of ashes, and the Owl is something the Lord uses to speak to me, and they are cool, AND they are fun to draw. :D


Winston Churchill said...
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Jacqueline Marchioni said...

This was a great reminder; thanks.