Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Church Notes | Faithful

When the study started, I prayed that I would be inspired to draw something, or be given an image. I sat and waited for a little while. Darin said something about justice and I got an image of a man holding scales. As I drew it it became more clear, it turned out to be my friend Zach. He was holding scales, in the scales was a heart of flesh that was being out weighted by fruit. After the study I had an opportunity to share the drawing and what the Lord put on my heart about it with Zach. with him. I always get nervous about sharing that stuff with people because I don't want to come off as, "THUS SAITH THEELORD!!" That knee-jerk response is out of fear, not decrement. And fear is never to be reacted out of, so I did my best to die to myself and be bold. And I know and trust Zach, even if I was way off he wouldn't kill me. Long story short we had a great conversation about the drawing. Basically it was an encouragement to Zach that the fruit of the Spirit is abundant in his life right now. At the end of the night he came back up to me and handed me a letter. When I got home to read it I was so blessed. The Lord answered some prayers and questions I had through Zach's letter.

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casraecal said...

I love reading your church notes, they are a real blessing please continue to post them.