Sunday, December 19, 2010

Church Notes | Citizenship

Church Notes form about a month ago.

When I am stupid and don't post these right away it is very difficult for me to remember exactly what the Lord was telling me, so for that I apologize, and must repent. However what I do remember from this is the drawing. I was praying about what i draw and didn't know why this was coming out of the page. At the end of the service the pastor said something that sparked the last panel which gave the other three panels a narrative. What was once just a random guy standing in the street suddenly had a message; God's Gift can free us from the bondage of this world. When the Gift finds a fertile heart it can break the heaviest of chains. Nurture Gods Grace and Love and you will be surprised by the beauty and power it brings. We are not citizens of this world, there is no reason to be chained to any longer.

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