Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Church Notes | 10 out of 10... outta 10

Church on Sunday was powerful. It was on the second half of Philippians chapter one. What particularly spoke to me was verse 21;

"For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain."

Now this is a verse that I have heard many times over the years, but on Sunday I finally saw it in the right light, if I can be so aggressive as to say "right" or "correct" light. Paul penned and prayed this out of love and a longing to see Christ. Not out of a desire to escape this world or his current condition. That realization really convicted me. I have prayed this so many times and I am pretty sure EVERY TIME it has been in response to sin, or a horrible situation, NOT of out love for Christ and wanting to see Him. Basically what it boils down to was that I prayed this in reaction to sin, not in response of love. The struggle in this world is inherent, we cant avoid that, and its foolish to say to we are going to live for Christ and not realize that struggle is inherent, we are living a life that goes against the norm. We will struggle and we WILL to rise to the challenge, and we will bring his Kingdom down to Earth brick by brick IF we don't struggle against each other. We should struggle TOGETHER for God's glory not against each other. Too often the Church is know for what divides us and not for what unites us. Lets work against that people okay! Remember to treat others as you would like to be treated, that goes for believers and non-believers alike.

Even the drawing was a struggle, or battle. I drew a heart first with a snake around it, maybe even with its fangs sunken in! But then I got kinda sad that the snake was wining, and then I drew an owl protecting the heart keeping the snake at bay in his talons. Which was cool b/c the whole study was about struggle and growth.

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