Thursday, August 12, 2010

The IRL S.P.E.W.

A few weeks ago I did a painting for my buddy Stewarts company Krochet Kids Intl. They are a non-profet dedicated to eradicating poverty. Right now they are fighting poverty in Africa by they teaching women a trade, enabling them to support their families. This trade being taught is crocheting hats/beanies! It's very similar to Hermiones attempts to help the elves by knitting caps for S.P.E.W. The only real difference besides the use of one hook versus two needles is that these ones actually look really cool. :P
Check them out they are doing a wonderful thing, if you buy one you are doing something awesome AND you get something awesome. It is a win-win situation here!!


Ian Jacobson said...

hey I have been looking for a decent knit hat for a while now. hows that for timing?! I may just have to pick one of these up.

Alyssa Devlin said...

You know what's awesome? Stumbling across another Christian artist who is also a rabid Harry Potter fan. :)

Love your work!