Wednesday, September 30, 2009


First Ever Frankie Franco III Sketchbook!
Buy it now while you still can!

I am doing a limited edition run of only 100.
The first 25 will have an original sketch on the cover sheet.
All 100 will be signed and numbered!
They are 8.5 x 11 and have over 20 pages filled drawings and sketches.
Some brand new never seen before, and a few favorites from the past.

So please please please consider buying one :)
I have some other ideas in me head, but I need to see if this is a success first.

Thank you all for everything!
[even if you don't buy one (: ]



Hannah said...

Awesome! I really want to buy one, but can't seem to get past the home page of paypal to actually purchase one. Hmph.

Angela Dawn said...

YAY! Just ordered one - I hope I'm in the first 25. :)

89ravenclaw said...

i'd love to buy one, especially since you need money/jobs right now, but i'm really tight on money right now =/

Maggie said...

Woot!! Just clicked purchase... I hope I'm in the first 25... but even if not, sweetness.

Yay Frankie!

Sierra said...

I really would, Frak, but I just don't have the money for it. (I hate being a student and having no money.) Anyway, best of luck with this endeavor!

Ravenclaw2313 said...

Ordered one! Hope I made the first 25. Even if I didn't I am so excited to see all the sketches.

Brandon Starr said...

I hope the first 99 sell out quickly, and that the final one lingers around until I pick up some more freelance work lol. I'm glad to see you do this Frankie. Necessity is the mother of Awesomeness!

Lizzie said...

So excited to get one of these amazing sketchbooks! :)

Deborah said...

Oka, I bought one! Maybe when you send it you can also include the sketch of Hedwigh flying over the NYC skyline which was already paid for at LeakyCon, please? Rhanks and good luck with all your jobs!

Stacy said...

Well, I just put through to buy one, hopefully I got one....and I doubt I got one of the 25, probably too late. But at least, hopefully, I still got withing the 100?

Stacy said...

I'm just curious...I know now b/c of the Twitter post today, that I got one! Woo hoo! How do we know if we were one of the first 25? I am just curious, cause I'd love to be!!! Thanks either way for the book....I can't wait to get it!

Rebekah said...

I got one! I got one! *HAPPINESS*

Rebekah said...
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Lenix Kok Hao Zhe said...

It looks awesome!!! But I can't buy one, since:
1.I don't have paypall.
2.I'm from Malaysia.


Anyways, keep up the good work! XD