Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tour Thus Far

Tour has been going on for a little over a week now. Its been fun, and really cool to see some of the Potter Kids I don't see too often. The first 5 days were really difficult for me, I was really home sick. The prospect of not seeing my family and friends for six whole weeks was weighing on me a lot. And that I would be away from church for so lon
g as well. But with reading and prayer I feel much better, and the prayers of my friends and family really helped too. So I am no longer a bummer to be with. So that's good.

John Bre and I made the trek across the country to meet up with Melissa and the bands. We made some really good time and we stopped to see Bres family, and then saw Johns family for a day as well.

Finally made it to Boston and did 3 shows with Harry and the Potters. We were blessed enough to stay at Melissa's palace in NJ. And now we are on the road to Washington DC.

Keep your eyes out for some Tour themed Comics :)

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