Wednesday, April 29, 2009


This is a drawing I did for some magical singers I know. :) And this is an example of my process. It has been a while since I have posted a progress blog, so here we go.

Start with a gesture of the focal point. In this case Luke and Kristina.
Block in some background.
Start with some clean up, to help discover and figure out what works and doesn't work from my sketch.
Continue to clean up and start adding values.
Done with the sketch/blue line and general value masks.
Make it black and white.
Lay in a background color. In this case a green gradient. Having this background color helps tie the other colors together, giving it a a subtle cohesiveness (if that's a word). This first wave of coloring is UNDER the line work.
Adding more color.
And a little more...
Then when I am done with the under layer of color I do a layer on top that is opaque. This is where I add my highlights and clean up various things.
Here we decided we didn't want Kristina to look like a hooker ;) so gave her cute skinny jeans in stead of the creepy fishnets. And then added in their magic wands.
Then I added the text. The end!
Check them out at their Myspace page.

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bsleven said...

Ha Ha ! cool! I'm a big monster movie fan, and I really like zombie films. This piece is so fun! : )