Thursday, September 27, 2007

Not so bad Friday

Last Friday I had a good day.

Not a wonderful day, not a special day, definitly not a horrible day, just an all around good day. I went down to Irvine to work on some projects, but the person I was working for had to call out sick for the day, so I went down there for nothing. But it worked out I was able to draw and design for some other Clients. It was nice to be out of the house working. I spoke with my Friend Shane via google talk, he invited me to go see a late showing of lil indie film with him in Pasadena called, Once. I worked late, caught up on some web TV viewing. On the way out of the office door I noticed a new Lost pod cast, so now I had something new and cool to listen as I made my trek out to Pasadena. I parked and meet Shane on the way to the box office. We see the film , it was really enjoyable and cute, a very nice and gentle love story. But as the film is coming to a close the film goes off track, the image freezes, and then it burns. It was a lil off putting, but very cool at the same time. We got a free voucher to come back and see it again. And as we left the theater semi disappointed it was raining! I love the rain. We made our way to Starbucks and I got a latté. I got a latté to drink while walking in the rain. And to top it off the Barista had seen the movie, and we only missed like 2 minuets until the end.


Andrea said...

Shane really enjoyed the movie too. Now we will all have to pick another cute indie film to watch so you guys can use the vouchers.

_Shane said...

Yeah that was good times... Love the drawing! :)