Friday, May 18, 2007


Last night Ian and I had a little WOW TCG sparring.
I won one, he won one. Below is how the battle went, and some doodle
I did while
Ian was deliberating over his moves.

Game #1 goes to FRANKIE!!!!

Game #2 goes to IAN!!!
(I was gonna color both doodles but I need to stop procrastinating)

Shortly after I monopolized the page with my dodole Ian busted out a fancy
Dark Portal issued quest where he could select any 10 cards from his collection
and killed me in one fail swoop.


_Shane said...


BrandoAbba said...

het frankie it's me brandon I want to know How to link to my blog.

jon schneck said...

hey man, i just posted my first sketch on my blog... let me know what you think....(dont be too harsh :)