Monday, July 24, 2006

Comic Con

Comic Con was a hoot!

Thanx to everyone who made it so memorable!

Thanx goes to Shane and his family for their hospitality and friendship!
Doug for the food, fun, and forum!
All the cool new forum people I got to meet in person!
Cliff for hanging out with me on Saturday night and later on Sunday at the booth!
And Ryan for letting me chill at his place and wait out the traffic, and talking in that boston accent!

Untill next year dear Comic Con, untill next year.


Kenfield said...

I can't believe you drew that on the floor at TenNapel's booth! It looks beautiful!
It was great seeing you at the Con!
Katie and I love your comic! Thank you for making that and thanks for signing it eventhough it seemed weird.

Ryan said...

Ha, I just remembered the Boston accent thing. That was fun.

Next year! Four days, man! Four days!

89ravenclaw said...

I really like your drawing style. I was wondering what types of pens you use to draw with becuase they look like good pens to sketch with.

frak said...

Thank you very much Ravenclaw!
Here is a link to a picture of my standard sketching supplies that goe with me almost every where.

Brian Growe said...

Awesome Demona sketcherin' sir! Gargoyles rule!