Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Lady Bugs

I had CAD training this week for work. It was nice to get a dose of the class room experiance once again. And the best part? The doodleing. I got some nice doodles in. I fotgot how much fun drawing is when in a confined situation as such. I will post other drawings later, this post is dedicated to de Lady Bugs!
She is a butterfly.
She likes to BEE herself.
She is a lady-ladybug.


Annie said...

You and your wings. :o) I like the drawings alot. Good job on making the additional arms look natural. Also, I like that their figures kind of match the shape of the bug. Like the round ladybug lady is not tall and slender but shapely shall we say. Keep up the sketching and doodling. Can't wait to see more.

Ryan said...

I love 'em. What Annie said.